Drupal 7. Drush. Работа с пакетами

pm-releases (rl) — Вывести информацию о доступных релизах

drush rl [projects]
$ drush rl
 Project  Release  Date         Status
 drupal   7.x-dev  2015-Feb-18  Development
 drupal   7.34     2014-Nov-19  Security, Supported, Recommended
$ drush rl views bueditor
 Project   Release      Date         Status
 views     7.x-3.x-dev  2015-Mar-02  Development
 views     7.x-3.10     2015-Feb-11  Security, Supported, Recommended
 bueditor  7.x-1.8      2014-May-16  Supported, Recommended, Installed
 bueditor  7.x-1.x-dev  2014-Apr-12  Development

pm-refresh (rf) — Refresh update status information.
pm-updatestatus (ups) — Show a report of available minor updates to Drupal core and contrib projects.